Monday, October 24, 2011

Homecoming and Birthday Cake...

Mom and I celebrated our birthdays together this year (they're one day apart), by meeting in Pullman for a fun-filled weekend of football, shopping, birthday cake and lots of friends and family. I think we should make this an annual tradition (except next year we need a football WIN!!).

These two (Emmett and Cal) were pretty equally matched and with Pa egging them on, they took turns tackling each other for the football.
Gracie with friend Peyton.
The girls were not left out of the pre-func football action...

Bennett trying to get away from the "big" girls who wanted to carrying him around.
Our awesome friends from Great Falls wanted to come to Pullman for the weekend. They are not WSU alums, but they were great fans and can come back with us anytime!
Checking out the raptor club....
Heading to Ferdinand's for some pre-game ice cream cones.
It wouldn't be a pre-game party without homemade sausage on the grill!Touring campus...the "tip of the iceburg"...a fancy skylight for the library. I think Cal was afraid of heights :)
Taking a break in the new CUB

Now, on to the birthday party...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gracie's Antelope Expedition

Gracie has always been a great walker and can go and go and go without complaint. I've always had good luck getting an antelope opening morning but I walk-in about 2 miles. Well, this year I decided to ask Gracie if she'd like to come. I've gathered over the last couple of years that taking your kids out hunting is less about the hunt and more about the scenery. With that said, I told Gracie what we were in for and made sure I had everything ready to go the night before. We even went out Friday after school and got her a new pair of 'hunting' overalls.
It had been raining for 2 or 3 days before and Saturday (opening morning) was supposed to be clear and warm... I didn't realize just how wet she got from walking through the grass until later in the day. Oh, yeah, I forgot her fleece coat on the kitchen counter...
We saw around 40 deer and 1 small group of antelope. We got lucky.
It rained a little and I'd remembered to bring her rain coat :)
Whew, she had a good time and was probably more excited about the antelope than I was... antelope aren't that heavy, but they're heavy.

Mini Bolts Soccer

Today was Emmett's last soccer game of the season. He played on a 4-5yr old team and picked it up pretty quick... he can't wait to play again... maybe this spring if we get up the nerve to do it in the cold and wind :)

Coug Game vs. Idaho State

Here's a few photos of our trip to Pullman to watch the season opener against Idaho State. A Cougar win is always fun to watch!

Wilderness Hunt

In mid-September a hunting buddy and I hiked 7-miles back into the Bob Marshall Wilderness for a 5-day elk hunt. We ended up with outfitters in the same area so there were lots of people, which I didn't expect. No elk in the freezer this time but here's a few photos of the expedition.
This area burned over 20 years ago and it still looks like this, kinda park-like.
So opening morning rolls around and I drop Mike off at a nice watering hole, and I slowly head towards a different area that looked promising. A few hours later Mike reaches me on the radio with happy news... it was his 1st-ever white-tail.
Aaah, and the not so happy news...
But the deal is we share the load :)
I'd been exercising with a heavy pack for about 2-months so my feet and back weren't in too bad a shape, but Mike felt it. He ended up with blisters on the 'bottom' of both of his feet.
Somehow, we both made it out in the end with smiles on our faces.
We did see a few elk but nothing we could legally take. I might try this again but will try to find a place out in the middle of nowhere with fewer people.