Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Happenings

We had a fabulous Christmas! This is what we were up to...

Watching for the train that brought Grammy and Pa.
The Fam
Showing off her adorable new outfit from her Godparents John and Beth.
Christmas morning gift frenzy...

Gorgeous, warm Christmas afternoon (in the 40's), so we went sledding.

Walking along the Missouri River.
Ice jam on the river - it caused flooding along the River Road.
Christmas Dinner: Prime Rib, au gratin potatoes, and beanie bundles with fresh apple and chocolate cream pies for dessert! YUMMY!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another Milestone

Gracie has had her first "wiggly" tooth for at least 6 weeks and for the last two weeks has had a very wiggly tooth. I have been trying to pull on it (when she would let me) and get that sucker out! Jason couldn't stand the sight or to even talk about it without getting queasy. (He can have his arms up to his elbows in deer guts and not be bothered at all, but a little tooth gets loose and he's jell-o!) To his defense, it was pretty gross the last couple days!

The Tooth Fairy Comes Tonight!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Heavenly Echoes

Gracie had her school program on Friday - it was FABULOUS! The kindergartners stole the show and Gracie did a great job singing and doing all the hand motions.
Before it was their turn to go on, they had a party in the classroom with red and green pancakes, ornament making, and pin-the-nose-on-Frosty. It was a lot of fun!
Now, we are ALL at home ALL day - quite an adjustment (for me, at least!). Just a preview to next summer, I suppose!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mr. Claus

Emmett had his first Christmas program on Friday. He was a fabulous Santa Claus in the Magical Christmas Village performance!! Great job Buddy!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What a GREAT big sister!

Gracie is such a fabulous big sister! She loves helping Jessie, reading to her, and playing with her. This is her showing Jessie the ornaments on the tree...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Lots 'O Turkey!

We spent Thanksgiving at my parents house in western Washington - it is becoming a tradition that we would all like to continue. It's usually the last good time to travel over four mountain passes, I get to go shopping with my Mom and engorge myself in the abundance of clothing choices, and Jason gets to process all the fruits of his hunting labor (with Dad's help) by making summer sausage and pepperoni in my Dad's smoke house.
However, this year, while avoiding sub-zero temps back in Great Falls, we had snow and sub-freezing temps in Washington. Which led to a very long, stressful 17-hour trip home with snow almost the entire way!
It was worth the stressful driving to spend time with Grammy and Pa on the farm and my brother and his family for a few days.

Dad carving the 24-pounder that came with the "Turkey Dinner for 20" my parents bought at an auction. We all love the home-cooked Thanksgiving, but it was a treat not to have to spend two days cooking (we still had a lot of clean-up)!
The Fam:
Jessie in the front, Grammy, Amy, Jason, Julie, Ian, Gracie, Cal, Emmett, & Pa (on the Kiddie side of the table :-). My other nephew, Bennett, slept through dinner, so he's not pictured.

Visiting my Grandpa Joe Thanksgiving morning. We took him homemade pie - his favorite.
Other fun stuff we did this week:

Our Little Cowgirl

He wasn't totally convinced that this is a fun activity, but at least he tried it! :0)