Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jessie is 17 Months Old!

Jessie Kay is 17 Months old today - I can't believe it! Jessie is growing up so fast and always surprising us with new words and accomplishments. She is so funny and of course I think she is sooo cute too! :-)
Words: Mommy, Daddy, Pa, Elli, Gracie, Emmett, hi, shoe, no, ball, thank you, maw (milk, but also for any drink), weee (when swinging or spinning), mmmmm (when she is served food)
Will shake her head yes and no. Makes lots of noises for words I don't understand and points to things. Will make noises for some farm animals. Will say "stinky" and pinch her nose. Says "owie" and points the owie or bandaid. Can count to three if I say 'one'...
Blows kisses and knows how to brush her teeth.
Knows everything you say to her and loves to help when asked.
Will climb any playground ladder (on her own) and go down the slide on her tummy - feet first.
Starting to run.
Loves her blanky and must have it to sleep.
Still sucks her two middle fingers when she's tired.
Loves to dance and play with Gracie and Emmett.
I still haven't cut her hair - it's so crazy when not pulled back, so I have to keep it in ponies. I love it! :-)
She's our little firecracker and we love her so much!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Emmett Starts Preschool!

For Emmett the wait was finally over! He started preschool on Thursday morning. He has the same teacher that Gracie had last year, but this class is only for 3-year-olds. He had no problem saying good-bye to Mom and is ready to go back for more!
Great job little buddy! :-)

Ready to go in his new classroom
Getting settled
Coming in from the playground (it was 95 degrees, hence all the kiddos with red faces)
Did he have fun? :-)
First Day Interview

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's Official: Kindergartner In The Hoouusse!

We made it! We all survived the summer together, and now my oldest 'baby' is starting KINDERGARTEN! Gracie was/is soooo excited. I am so happy for her and can't wait to see what the year has in store for her! :-)

Ready to Go!

Checking out her desk

Done with her first day!

Well, did she like it? :-)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy 33, Jason!!

Well, his birthday was actually on the 15th -I'm a little behind on my blogging! :-)

We had a very nice day starting with biscuits and gravy made from scratch, the dinner of his choice, then mocha truffle roll/cake for dessert (it's a very "involved" dessert that I usually only make for his birthday!). Of course the gifts couldn't wait until cake-time so we opened them after breakfast.
Happy Birthday, Jason, the love of my life! :-) XOXOXOXOXOXOX

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Four new posts today, so be sure to keep scrolling down to see them all!

Weekend Happenings

We had a great weekend starting with a trip to the ballpark to watch the Great Falls Voyagers (White Sox farm team) play on Friday night.

There was a thunder storm complete with 60mph winds and rain that blew over, we were under cover, but Emmett still covered his head with his mitt...
Jessie didn't make it to the 9th inning (none of us made it to the end - it went to 13 innings!)
A trip to the island/park at Ryan Dam (15 minutes down the Missouri from Great Falls)

Guam Friends Reunion: Keystone, CO

We left Guam in July of 2007 - Emmett was 6 weeks old. But, while we were there, we made some of our best friends. There were a whole group of us young-married-no-kids couples, so we always had beach outings, game-nights and New Years parties where we could actually stay out until midnight! :-) We've stayed in-touch with some of our closest friends and finally set-up a "reunion" this summer. Everyone couldn't make it, but it was great to see those who could. We rented a house in Keystone, Colorado and had a fantastic time! The kids got along great and we even had a couple adult game-nights while we were there.
When's the next one?!

Kids at mealtime - thanks goodness for a large table!
Celebrating Ava's first birthday (a few days late)
Exploring a great playground - they had fun even though it was raining.

The guys worked in a couple days of fly-fishing. This our friend John.
Friends John and Cory.
Jason bringing in a "big" one.
Here it is!
The kids building a fort in the firewood box (gas fireplace doesn't need real wood...).
Cory and Angie with Beth and John
Yes, drinking adult beverages was necessary at all hours of the day with six children in the house. I might even have two drinks in my hand...
On the second to last day of our stay, we went to the Keystone Lodge to use their Spa facilities (we had a mouse run through our rental house, so the manager comp'd us a spa day complete with massages for the "girls"). While the ladies were being pampered, the guys took the kiddos swimming and when we were done we joined them in the hot tub. I had only been in the hot tub two minutes when Emmett slipped on the tile floor and cracked his head open - blood gushing. The spa manager insisted on calling the paramedics. We had already decided that butterfly strips and liquid bandage were the route we wanted to take, even after they recommended stitches. So, they patched him up, complete with a head-wrapped in gauze, hot wheels car, and orange juice - he loved it (even though he doesn't look happy in this picture - he was). Ten days later the cut is almost gone and I don't even think there will much of a scar to brag about - just a cool story. :-)
Emmett (3yrs), Jessie (15 mos.), Gracie (5yrs), Sophie (2.5yrs), Canyon (4yrs), and Ava (12mos.)

Fun with Grammy and Pa

Before heading out to the family reunion, we spent a few days at my parents house.

Future Cowgirl: Gracie - first time on a "big" horse. She loved every minute!
Emmett walking out to Pa's zip line with gear in hand.

Weber Campout 2010

This year the Weber Family Reunion/Campout was at Deception Pass State Park on Whidbey Island. We had a great group of family (including some of our "Hunter" extended family - sooo great to have them too!) and a great campsite - except for the VERY stinky pit-toilets! :-( As is customary for every trip to Deception Pass, several people in the fam spent most of their time "fishing" for dungeness crab (Jason included!). We had a fabulous fresh seafood feast on Saturday night that included crab, shrimp, grilled oysters, and steamed clams.
Another fantastic trip!

Happy Camper!

My cousin Joshua with kids Wesley and Jillian

Down to the Beach

Keeping a watchful eye...

Grammy, helping with the "gear"

Meal Time

Adventures in Crabbing: Thanks a bunch Capt. Hinton!

Thank goodness for shallow water - it wasn't too cold for taking a swim (at least for the kids!).