Saturday, July 30, 2011

July Recap

We've had a great July - beautiful weather, visitors from WA, birthdays, barbeques, and family camp-outs to name just a few. We took some time off over the 4th of July to visit friends and family in WA, bouncing around the State for the first 7-days, visiting who we could, then spent the last 3-days at the Weber family camp-out on Blewett Pass. It was a busy trip and the kids and Mommy were good troopers. The 4th of July get-together at the Hinton's was fantastic... thanks for showing the kids how to make explosives.

Dick W Took the Kids for Scooter and Lawnmower Rides

Everyone Had Fun At Cousin Bennett's 1st Birthday Party

And Cal Invited His Cousins To Come Along On the Fire Truck Ride
Thanks, Cal!

A Very Relaxing and Beautiful 4th of July Evening

All 3 Kids on Bob... Good Job, Pa!

The Family Camp-out at Mineral Springs
Guess This Game...?

Cousin Kate came to visit for about 5 days. Kate and Amy made a day trip up to Glacier, went antiquing, visited some of the fun sites close by like Ryan Island, and trekked around town window shopping. I got to play the "favorite" parent with the kids, taking them to the waterpark and on a bike ride.

Charlie M. Russell Art Museum Kid's Day
Everyone Came Home with a Self-decorated Vest, Bandana, and Horse

Ryan Island

Electric City Waterpark

Giant Springs State Park

We wrapped up the month with a Blue Angels air show here in town. It was clear and 90 some degrees but the kid's didn't mind so much after we bought a blowup Blue Angels jet... wish we'd got it at the BEGINNING of the show.