Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jelly Belly & View above Fairfield

Last week we went on a tour of the Jelly Belly factory which just so happens to be right here in Fairfield.  We got to see the factory but they weren't making any that day -- they had videos along the skywalk showing the process, though. 

 We want to go back sometime to watch the production process!

Yesterday I asked the kids if they wanted to walk with me before work and to my surprise they said yes... Emmett thought better of it before he went to bed but the girls were gung ho.  
 On the outskirts of Fairfield is a block of undeveloped city property - open space - for walking and viewing turkeys, coyotes, deer and cows.
 Gracie has always been a great walker but Jessie surprised me and she made it the entire 2 miles up the hill and back down all by herself. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Trip to the Beach & Redwoods

I had a great day and the rest of the family was very, very... giving.  It was planned out days, weeks in advance.  I woke Amy up at 0430 and the kids at 0500 to go... 
I've been waiting awhile - there's been scouting trips...
But down here it's the real ocean, not a big bay like Puget Sound.
The lack of discretion can be bad :(  
Hence the scouting :)
So I reserved a boat (bigger than Pa's crabber), purchased 2 traps (back in like March), and some salmon heads.  Off to Bodega Bay!

 It was about 49 degrees and a little foggy and windy - but look, no white caps - Yeh!
We set our 2 pots in the vicinity of others and on our way back in we had a sea lion swim up.

After making it back to shore we parked the boat and trailer and went exploring up the coast towards Austin Creek Rec Area to see some Redwoods.  We made a bunch of stops along the way to burn energy and kill time -- the pots needed to soak awhile...
 Yes, they're in swimsuits...
 How's the water look, Emmett?  As long as the water is warmer than the air...
 Big, big trees - lots.  Keep those pots soaking.
 Whoohooo!!!  20 crab - 3 keepers
Could use a few more pots.  California is odd when it comes to crabbing - no limit on pots, write whatever you like on the buoys (your choice of color), size is 5 3/4, and limit is 10...  Somehow, there's still crab out there to be caught :)
 The wind had picked up and Amy did the buoy snagging, pot pulling and measuring.  I drove - whitecaps here and there.  Kids had fun, too.  I did.  Not a dry stitch of clothing.  Warmed up in the campground showers afterwards and put on dry clothes that Amy had recommended we bring :)  Lots of fun today and Amy and the kids were amazing - thanks guys.  Luv ya 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Backyard Pruning

Our backyard is a jungle with juniper shrubs growing out of control.  While Amy was pruning the kids were earning their keep stacking branches and pulling weeds :) 
I ended up hauling 2 truckloads away.

 Jessie got into the spirit, too...