Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Catching Up

Last weekend our good friends from Guam, Derek and India, came for a visit. They just moved back to the States a few months ago and flew out from Indiana to see us! We had a great time! Malmstrom AFB was their first assignment in the Air Force 15 years ago, so they were familiar with the area and even showed a couple new places to explore!

Emmett finishing an apple. I take the sticker and stem off and he eats the rest! Grammie would be proud! :-)
One of the best strawberry pickings I had this summer - they should really be good next year.
Two unhappy fisherkids. Emmett took his shoes off and stepped on thistles with his bare feet. Gracie grabbed the hook (against Daddy's advice!) - ouch!
Jessie with her big smile.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Uniontown B & B

Just kidding! It's Grandma Nette and Grandpa Jack's house, but we're spoiled like it's a bed and breakfast! :-) Football in Pullman is always a great excuse to visit Grandpa and Grandma - the kids love to collect produce in their garden, play at their park, and play with the chalk on the pool table in the basement (sorry if you have blue spots on the carpet, Gram)! Thanks for a great weekend!

Jessie, not to sure about Emmett's coon-skin hat....

We even got to see Cousin Suzu for a little while.

Football in the Palouse!

If we want to ensure that we're raising future Cougars, we have to make it to Pullman for at least one football game per year, so that's where we headed for Labor Day weekend. The game was better than last year against Stanford, but still sub-par. :( But, the weather was great and the company was even better, so we all had a great weekend - even the kids (all 3) loved the game and all the tailgating goodies!

Jessie with Pa and Grammie

Emmett and his ice - this kept him entertained for at least an hour, but our cooler lost half it's ice in the fun!

Gracie and Emmett with friends Jeana and Pete.