Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Roadtrip to Uniontown

Since Jason is already on leave from work, we decided we needed to try a roadtrip to Uniontown, WA, and visit my grandparents. With plenty of stops, it took 8.5 hours going (the short way) and 10.5 hours on the way home (we took the "scenic" route over Lolo Pass - we won't be going that way again with little kids!). Overall, everyone did great in the car and we all had a fantastic time visiting with my grandparents and my parents, who drove over for the weekend.

The kids with Grandpa Jack and Grandma Nette
The kids with Pa and Grammy

We also got to see some of my cousins who live in Pullman.
This is my cousin Heather with her daughter Maile.
Me, sitting with Heather's husband, Roger.
The kids with my cousin Tom (or I should say Dr. Drader, PhD!).
Jessie with Tom's wife, Donna. Doesn't she look like she's ready to have her own baby? No pressure.... :)

Emmett trying out Grandpa Jack's "tractor".

In Pullman - our future Cougars! :)
Grandpa Jack and Jessie
Grandma Nette and Jessie

Me and Jessie

The weather was so great that we took the kids to a WSU baseball game to see my second-cousin, Michael, play - he had a home run! We all had a great time, except Gracie hid when the mascot, Butch stopped by to give her five - she still talks about how much she doesn't like Butch!

Emmett, practicing his casting and reeling - he's really good, but he won't leave his line in the water long enough to get a bite - he just wants to cast and reel, cast and reel. :)

Grandpa took the kids fishing at the homestead, but the water was too swift for fishing and the kids quickly deiscovered that throwing rocks and getting big splashes was far more entertaining!

April Pics

Gracie and Emmett helping out by cleaning up "stinkies" in the yard.
Mid-April snow fall
Emmett playing dress-up with Gracie
Another fishing trip with Dad - gorgeous scenery and good snacks, but no fish. But, they always have fun! :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

The kids had a blast finding Easter eggs and ate a bunch of candy before church. The sugar crash halfway through Mass was fun... Spikey usually needs a short walk halfway through Mass anyway :)

Jessie slept all the way through the Easter egg hunt and Mass.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Last Week In photos

We flew my cousin Suzanne in from Seattle to help with the kids the week Jessie was due. Jessie came right on time so we got to explore Great Falls with Suzu (what Emmett calls Suzanne) before Jessie came and Suzu was able to stay with the kids while we were at the hospital - it worked out great! Thanks Suzu! :)
Suzanne caught this great picture of Emmett while we were at the hospital.Gracie and Emmett with Jessie (1 week old)
Proud Daddy
Proud Big Sister
Shortly after this picture was taken, we found Emmett in the crib with Jessie snuggling in for a nap!
Proud Big Brother
Proud Mommy - getting Jessie to smile (we couldn't catch her smile on camera, but she is smiling some-already! :)
Jason wanted a project to fill his "free" time while he's home with us, so he is getting the kids geared up for fishing... was their first outing and overall is was a "learning experience" as Jason put it. Emmett was only interested in reeling his line in, splashing the water with his pole, and sticking the tip of his pole in the mud (both kids were doing that). And in doing all that, Emmett only fell in the pond once! Jason is already re-tooling for the next outing.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jessie Kay Gibbons

Jessie Kay was born March 31st at 11:17pm... no April Fools baby! She's 8lbs 9oz, 21in long, and has a head full of dark, dark brown hair. Amy and I were thankful that Jessie was in a hurry to say hi - we were at the hospital for just 3 hours before she was born and Amy only had to push a couple of times (~10 minutes). What a contrast to our first two.

You can click here to see the hospital link with a photo of Jessie.

Gracie and Emmett came to visit (with cousin Suzanne) and said hi to their little sister - they did great in the hospital room and Jessie gave them each a little present to help smooth things over.

Mom and baby will be monitored for 48hrs so hopefully we can all come home sometime Thursday night.