Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend: The last days of Winter!!

My parents haven't made the trek to Montana together since Christmas 2010, so we all decided they were due for a visit! Unfortunately, after several weekends of amazingly warm weather, the VERY cold weather reared it's ugly head and we had snow while they were here!! But, we didn't let that spoil our fun and still had a great time. 
My Dad requested a fishing trip while they were here, so Jason rented a boat and they drove a couple hours north, to the Reservation and spent 8 hours fishing (but no catching this time!).
That didn't spoil the fun, Emmett had a great time and I think they all stayed warm - yummy snacks always help...
Jason threw the tackle box at the fish, but they only got a couple quick bites all day - no one else on the lake was catching fish either.

Preschool Graduation

Even though Emmett is going to have one more year of preschool before he starts kindergarten, the other kiddos in his class are all moving up, so his teacher had a mini graduation party for the kids. They were thrilled!
After the caps were put on the diplomas were handed out, we all went down to the auditorium for their spring program - so cute!
Emmett with Mrs. Sommer, his teacher

Spring Soccer

Grammy and Pa gave Emmett and Gracie soccer lessons for their birthdays, so we spent three nights a week and Sunday afternoons at the soccer field for about 6 weeks. Amazing that only one weekend of games were cancelled for snow on the field!

The games were always during nap time...
Emmett was usually 4-6 inches taller than the other kids on the field and he wasn't afraid to take off down the field if he got the ball, so he probably averaged 3 goals per game!
This was Gracie's first season playing soccer and she made huge improvements from the first game to the last game. By the last game she wasn't afraid to charge in after the ball and run it down field if no one was in front of her. She didn't score any goals, just took a couple great shots at it!