Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day at the Beach

Jason has been anxious to get me out of our disorganized house and exploring our new area, so we headed to Bodega Bay on Saturday. It was 94 degrees in Fairfield, but as we approached the coast, we saw the fog and the temperature didn't want to stop dropping. When we got out of the car, the sun was breaking through (for a moment), but it was only 54 degrees! Fortunately, the sand was warm and the kids and Elli couldn't have cared less about what the temperature was - we were at the beach and that's all that mattered! Next time we go, we may rent a boat and put out a couple crab pots or dig for clams..... :-)

Emmett is 6!

Emmett turned 6 years old on May 8th - my little boy is not so little anymore! He is such an amazing kid. He completely engulfs himself in whatever his passion is for the moment - family, superheroes, pirates, Legos, hunting. His mind is always thinking of the next activity/interest and I have to keep him busy or gets very restless! When we first moved to our house in California, he swam with a life jacket in the pool - still not comfortable swimming yet. It only took about a week before the jacket was off and he was jumping off the diving board and swimming to the ladder - no fear! He is so anxious to start kindergarten and move on to the next challenge. Not too fast, Buddy - I may not be ready yet! ;-)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Since the Last Post.....

 Okay! Let's catch up....

Gracie had her first piano recital - she did great!
Jason exploring our new state - difficult job, but somebody has to do it!

Jessie Turns 4 Years Old! (a.k.a. Easter Sunday this year!)
Party #1 on Easter, Friend Trish made cheeseburgers, mac & cheese, fries, and lots of other goodies to celebrate. Strawberries on angel food cake for dessert.

Party #2: With Daddy, Grammie, and Friends and of course, ballerina cupcakes.
Favorite Gift - New bike with seat for Dolly - Lucy got the same bike on her birthday - two days after Jessie's! :)

With best friend, Lucy
Zombie's invade Great Falls on April 1st
"California or Bust" party with Feather Your Nest Chicks

Gracie celebrates her First Communion and Confirmation

Only picture of "Moving Day" - we (with the help of many friends) loaded 9 UHaul Pods

Off for a visit in Washington before heading to California
Even though it rained almost 5 inches in the first two days we were there, it cleared up for a couple days and the kids checked everything off their activity list: Pa's zipline, riding Homey and Bob, trekking through the woods, and a couple dips in the hot tub - whew!

 Now on our (Mom came down with me on the two-day trip) way to California
Our first stop, The Rickert Ranch (friends Byron and Barbara), Rainier, OR - zipline, tire swing, wooded trails, baseball, and Circle Lake
Second stop (just a quick one): The Kanyer's in Monmouth, OR - hoping to meet their new baby, but she didn't arrive for another week! Still great to see the boys! :)

Okay, we made it! First stop, the pool! And, a nap for Elli.

And finally, Gracie turned 8 years old yesterday! She took cupcakes to her new friends/class (27 kids!) and I made a doggy cake. Her school is out at noon on Wednesdays so one of her new friends came over with pizza for. Then, we headed to the mall for ear piercing - no tears! For dinner, grilled chicken, twice-baked potatoes, and green beans.