Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Booty Shake

Move over Tom Cruise!
Yes, Gracie is watching her reflection in the TV screen.

Great Deal!

I was so excited about this purchase - I had to share (I know it's geeky, but I try to focus on my small accomplishments!).
Yesterday I went to Albertson's and got all of this for $4.18! Yes, I used coupons, but I thought this was still pretty impressive for less than $5!

Emmett: Future Forester!

When Emmett was born, the couple who gave me my first job as a forestry intern, sent this to him. It finally fits! He loved the whole getup - especially the red suspenders! :-)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Ready for candy: Cinderella, a baseball player, and "Chuck" (it's a duck costume, but Jason thought she looked more like a chicken, so we called her Chuck!)
Lets go!

Gracie had a BIG Halloween party at school on Friday, so I came to help. It was combined with the Kindergarten class and completely planned, organized, and run by the kindergarten parents. They made several crafts, decorated cupcakes, & played games - and of course had tons of sweets! I think they all had a great time!

Before coming to the school gym for their party, they paraded through all the classrooms to show the school their costumes. (There were A LOT of princesses!)
Playing pin-the-nose on the pumpkin and spider ring-toss.
Making spider cupcakes.
At the party...Cinderella and her cat! :-)
Checking out their loot at the end of the party.
Brotherly Love (not on Halloween, but it was so cute I had to post it!)

Freezer Filler

On October 30th I took Gracie deer hunting with me for the first time. She was really excited and couldn't wait to try out her special deer hunting pants. We drove south of town and parked the truck near some fields frequented by whitetails. Gracie and I talked about our 'quiet voice', staying behind daddy, kneeling down, holding our ears, and other fun stuff and began to sneak to the edge of the field when the first doe came out of the trees. Gracie was a bit hesitant and I'm glad she's short, but I was able to coax her to crawl on her knees through the tall grass.
Gracie even wanted to stay with the deer while I walked back to the truck... She also helped dress the deer out.
In WA, John and I went out for a day looking for big bucks but all we found were big tracks and lots of scenery. We probably did about 10 miles that day.
Here's a photo of one of the guys I've gotten to know from WA, enjoyed hunting with over the last 5 years, and hope to have as a hunting buddy here in MT down the road.