Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Change of Plans

When the first MAJOR rain event in California decided to arrive the same weekend we were planning to go camping, a woodland cottage seemed like the smart alternative. Our little cottage was nestled in the redwood forest near Mendocino, CA (northern coast). With electronic devices banned for the weekend (except the camera :), we learned some new board games, played a few old favorites, and brought the most waterproof clothing we could find.  The kids were more than happy to tromp around outside (with all their gear on - good thing the cottage had a dryer because everything was WET!). We also headed to one of the beaches, explored the local campgrounds (for future reference :-), and discovered Gray Whales.

VanDamme Beach in search of abalone shells. Gracie found a few "pieces", but we were all excited to see a few sea lions watching us.

Break in the rain on the Mendocino Headlands

Point Cabrillo Light Station
It was a 1/2 mile walk down to the Lighthouse, but Emmett WAS NOT happy about the adventure, so he protested by turning around before we got there and moaning/whining the entire way (that was the only rough spot of the weekend :)

No. That's not her bed.

Looking for Gray Whale spouts with our docent, Fran. And  sure enough, thanks to Jason's eagle eyes, we saw one spout! It was amazing! We also saw lots of resident Harbor Seals.        

Adolescent Gray Whale Skeleton at MacKerricher State Park
Preparing for elk hunting: Jason served us hunting camp food one night - the kids have to show that they will eat what is served in hunting camp, before they will be invited to go. This is Mountain House Beef Stew - it was pretty good and Gracie and Emmett both passed the test!

"Inside Smores": thank you microwave!

Emmett insisted I take a picture of this statue in the cottage - it reminded him of the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland

Monday, February 3, 2014

House Divided

Four of us were sporting blue and green and one was orange and blue.....at bedtime, four were elated and one was saying, "Well, maybe they'll win next year?". It was just the five of us together for the game, but I made LOTS of yummy snacks and I'm sure all the 49ers fans in our neighborhood (all rooting for the Broncos in this game) could hear us cheering!  What a fun game to watch - wish we could celebrate with our friends and family in Seattle!