Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I keep telling Ian that I'm going to post pictures of the furniture I re-made, so here they are:

I found this chair in the dumpster - it had a broken seat.  I put a new seat on it, re-finished the wood, and re-upholstered the seat and seat back.

This is a "before" picture of the chair I turned into an ottoman. (It was a freebee too.)

I re-finished the wood, cut the arms off and put an upholstered top on it.
The "donut" center was Jason's idea so that he would have somewhere to put his drink. ;-)

It was a fun project and I learned how much work it is to strip and re-finish wood.  Maybe it will be a little easier next time!  The upholstery part was fun - I had to kind of wing it.  I did take an upholstery class, so I had the gist of what I needed to do! 

Playing at the Gym

Yesterday we met our friends Ellie, Samantha, and Jodie at Gymnastics World for some indoor play at open gym.  Emmett loved the large open space and jumping on the in-floor trampolines.  They also had a huge pit of large foam blocks that the kids could jump into, but Emmett couldn't move in there so he stuck with the jumping toys.  Gracie, on the oth
er hand, didn't play with anything except the large pilates balls.  She was intimidated by the large pit of foam and the trampolines.  Now I know that she is not ready for gymnastics yet! :)

Emmett on the trampoline

Gracie watching Ellie jump into the pit of foam
Ellie swinging into the pit with help from Mom, Jodie
Ellie emerging from The Pit
Emmett playing hide and seek

Sunday, July 27, 2008

FINALLY!  I decided to try this blog thing! Everyone else is doing it........

Patriotic Emmett

Last Day of Swim Lessons

We've been able to keep pretty busy this summer.  Gracie has been doing ballet and another dance class here on the Army Post.  She also just finished swimming lessons and will start 
basketball and ballet (both here on the Army Post) in a few weeks.  She loves any social activity! We met some great friends at her first ballet class and have been spending time with them at least once a week (they live closer to town, so it's a little more challenging to get together).

At The Water Park

Emmett gets to follow Gracie around most of the time, but loves the pool, so we spend as much time there as we can.  He is already holding his breath and putting his face in the water!  He floats really good, but can't swim on his own yet so he's high-maintenance in the pool!

Our friend, Marc, is coming for a visit on the first of August and then I'm off to WA with the kids on the sixth.  We'll all be heading up to Colorado Springs, to visit our friends John and Beth, for Labor Day.  Last summer the temperature didn't stay below 100 until October, so I'll be searching for more indoor activities to do with the kids after we get back!

Emmett Is In Charge of the Hose!

Jason is busy with work and spends lost of time in the field which he loves, but he doesn't love that it is 120 degrees in some of the canyons he's working in!

More later!