Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Winter Has Arrived!!

Winter made itself known today. We started with rain through the night followed by lots of wind (not the lovely Chinook winds that warm everything up - the other kind!). It was 39 degrees when I woke up and dropped to 23 degrees by noon (it's 18 degrees right now). Leading to lots of ice topped with powdery snow and lots of fender-benders on Jason's way home from work.
There was enough snow on the ground to dig out all the pants, gloves, and boots this evening. Jessie took one look outside after her nap and said, "Whooaaaa...". She loved every minute of the white stuff, until Jason dumped the crew off the sled and she got a face full of it! :-)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Jessie is 19 Months!

(Okay, she was 19 months old on October 31st and I started this post last week, but I was waiting to upload a few photos....)

We are having so much fun with Jessie at this age! She is very busy and always moving, but she makes us laugh all the time. She is talking much more than the other two did at this age and she has a lot of wavy brown hair - also unlike the first two kiddos. I can't bring myself to cut her hair, so we have to clip it or band it everyday - sometimes that's a fight! She is learning lots from Gracie and Emmett - good and bad. She understands competition and is often fighting with Emmett over my lap space - this is where she learned hitting....unfortunate, but inevitable! Some of her new words include pumpkin and spider.
Here is the busy little bee!
(When she sees a camera, she smiles big and says cheese :-)

Mommy's Helper
Playing Outside
Our Little "Linus"

Monday, November 1, 2010


Jessie with our scarecrow "Butch"

Show me the CANDY!

Jessie didn't quite know what she was in for, but she did know she wasn't going to be left out! Here she is trying to get herself up some steps. She insisted on carrying all her goodies in her bag, so it was getting a little heavy. She didn't say trick-or-treat, but she did always say 'thank-you'!