Monday, May 10, 2010

Wonderful Mother's Day

Jason got up with the kids (5:55am) and took them downstairs to make cards and eat breakfast so that I could sleep in ('til 7).

Best of 5. I wanted a family picture, but not everyone was excited about it...(yes, Gracie, I mean you!)

Just what I wanted: a full day of yard work and painting! (I'm totally serious - I know, that's weird...)

Dinner: hot dogs on an open fire
Dessert: S'mores

Jessie is climbing EVERYTHING! And even thinking about walking - a little.

Thanks to my wonderful husband and kiddos for a great day! I love you!

Emmett is 3!!

On Saturday, Emmett turned 3!
He was very excited for his turn in the spotlight and praying about what he wanted for his birthday every night! One night last week, he stopped mid-prayer, looked at Jason and Gracie and said in his deep, husky 'serious' voice, "You don't open my presents, right guys?". Jason and Gracie looked at each other and said, "Nope, Emmett. They are all for you!". Too funny! I just hope we can make it a few months without ANY birthday talk because this last year was "exhausting"!!
Emmett enjoyed his full day of fun. After his choice of breakfast food (cinnamon rolls from a nearby bakery) and opening of family presents. He and Jason headed out to the "animal store" (Scheels sporting goods) to "shoot" animals in the shooting gallery - success! Emmett shot a bear, a skunk, and a fish!
After the outing, we were at home enjoying some overdue sunny weather and Emmett was trying out all his new outdoor toys. We had cheese pizza for dinner followed by a chocolate football cake and one more present from our neighbors. It was a great day!

He was very excited to get several new football-themed shirts.

Plasmacar with helmet

Trying out the new wheel-barrow.

Grammy, he's ready for a badminton challenge!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gracie Turns 5...Going on 13?!

Gracie turned 5 years old yesterday and had her first "friend" birthday party. We had 8 little girls come over for two hours of screaming, running around, food, and fun! She had a "Garden Party" with hot dogs for lunch and a flower-shaped cake for dessert. I think all of us had fun - except Emmett who was very upset about all the girls taking over his space AND that it wasn't his birthday so he wasn't allowed to open the presents (his birthday is next Saturday, so we'll make up for it then!).
Throughout the day Gracie was showing signs of turning teenager rather than kindergartner. She was talking back, saying "no" to EVERYTHING, flipping her hair and insisting on applying more "lips" (lipgloss) every 5 minutes saying that is was coming off already!! She almost went to timeout several times during the party for being rude to her friends and talking back. I hope this is just spring/birthday fever and it will pass before we're together all day/every day for the summer! I will go CRAZY!!
Despite the recent attitude changes, we love to see Gracie grow up and turning into a beautiful little girl. She loves being the big sister (the "boss") and helping me in any way that she can. She is so funny and very social. She loves school, art projects, digging in the garden for worms, and dancing for us in the living room. We can't wait to see what God has planned for her! :-)

Very excited about getting some new dresses. Now...which one to wear first?!

She is explaining to me that this dress doesn't have "arms" and this top part goes around her does she know this?
Polly Pocket with Pop-Out Camper - she won't stop playing with it! (Great gift Uncle Ian and Aunt Julie!)

Party Gift Bags

Garden "Decor"

Party Mayhem - good thing a couple other moms stayed to help out!


The Birthday Cake - Gracie picked the colors

Cake and Ice Cream