Tuesday, January 31, 2012

PJ Fun

I guess it's that time of year - indoor fun wearing pjs!
Emmett had a PJ party in pre-school last week. They brought their favorite stuffed animal or blanket to show at show and tell, and anything else they wanted to cuddle with for a little movie time. They also made "going-to-bed" books, glow in the dark name plaques, made smores in the oven, and Mrs. Sommer read bedtime stories. I'm pretty sure it was the highlight of the pre-school year (so far!). Oh, and I was the parent volunteer that day, so Jessie got to play along too. :-)

Story Time
Making Bedtime Books
Movie Time

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rockin' Out

Our 4 yr old rock star in action. He gets this from his Mom...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Salon and Roller Skates

The kids and Jason had a day off on Monday, so I took the girls in for overdue haircuts (I usually trim their bangs, but I still take them in every so often for a professional clean-up!). It was Jessie's first time to have her hair cut in a salon and boy was she ready for the full-meal deal. The stylist thought she was going to fall asleep because she was so relaxed!
Happy Customers!

The school sponsored a "Skate Night" Tuesday, so Jessie was trying out her new (hand-me-down) skates - boy was she excited!
Emmett didn't have as much fun this year...
We had to have Gracie's skates tightened A LOT before she would put them on.

Gracie with classmate Amia.

Winter has finally arrived in Great Falls, but not exactly in the "white" form (we've only had a few inches). Today our high temp. was -10 degrees....tomorrow it's supposed to hit -7!! The snow that's fallen is soooo fine that it takes forever to accumulate and you can sweep the sidewalks, not shovel (I like that). It is absolutely gorgeous in the sunlight or street light at night because everything sparkles like it's been sprinkled with glitter...I guess that makes the super-cold tolerable for a few days! :-)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's Been Awhile....

Okay. So I've been a little busy and blogging has gotten the backseat, but I'm back now!
This is a brief re-cap of what we've been doing for the last couple months...

December Light Parade downtown Great Falls

Emmett and Gracie both had school Christmas programs

Visiting Santa....they are still not sure about talking to the merry old fella, but sometimes they'll do anything for a candy cane!

Christmas at Grammy and Pa's House in western Washington - thank goodness it was a great year to travel at Christmas!

Post-Holiday fun

And what would the holidays be without a little family drama....yes, that was a heater, but after the hot tub cover flew off the hot tub during a dinner-time wind storm, it became a piece of abstract art...
Now, we've begun 2012 and things have slowed down (a little), so maybe in addition to keeping up with blogging, maybe I'll even get to my indoor house projects and some outdoor ones too (since winter has yet to arrive in Great Falls).
Happy New Year!