Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jason's Jump with the Golden Knights

Well, as Jason's brother said, one to cross off the Bucket List! Today Jason was given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a tandem jump with the US Army Parachute Team, the Golden Knights (they train at YPG in the winter months). It was a fantastic day for the jump - hardly a breeze and nearly 80 degrees. At 13,600 feet they jumped out of the plane with a videographer and free-fell for about 60 seconds before opening their chute. When he landed he was beaming - I knew that he loved it! He got a fantastic video of the trip down to earth and several other neat souvenirs. I just hope we're not going to have to add skydiving to his list of hobbies! :)

Gone Fishin'

Saturday we took the kids to a free fishing clinic at probably the only "pond" in Yuma. The pond was supposedly stocked with trout, but we didn't get a single bite using everything from worms to power-bait and marshmallows. However, the kids (including Jason) did have a good time and our friends caught a catfish (which they threw back) so mission accomplished - the kids saw a fish! This was just a practice run for all the fishing we hope to do in Montana. :)
Gracie with friend Ellie

Of course Emmett wanted to hold the pole and "cast" it which meant whipping it around and getting it tangled in the reeds (no wonder we didn't get any bites!).
Checking out the catfish.