Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week In Review

Just for reverse order...

Jason got back from Denver yesterday - he left last Sunday.

Friday night was the school carnival, which I was one of two people who planned the whole event....I was flying solo parenting so after all that work planning and setting up I actually got to just enjoy it with my kids - no manning booths or running around. :-)

Carnival Highlights: stick-on mustaches, face painting, a clown making balloon art, the cake walk (we brought home three cakes!), and the bounce house/obstacle course. It wasn't hard for us to spend $30 in an hour and a half!

St. Valentine's Day: We had a full celebration when everyone woke up that morning (but no pics) and Jessie and I spent the morning with Emmett's class and their festivities.

Learning how to play Red Rover

Centers: Decorating sugar cookies, beading, two crafts, and Valentine Math Bean Bag Toss. Of course they exchanged valentine's and ate lots of sweets too!
Enjoying the mild weather - at least the sled is good for still hasn't been on the snow....

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Punky Brewster?

Today was "Clash Day" at school....