Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jessie's Baptism

We had a full house on Sunday - my parents and grandparents came to town for Jessie's baptism, in addition to our friends John and Beth who arrived Wednesday.
Four generations of mother's and daughters (and one son :).
Mom and Grandpa Jack (her dad)
Women in the kitchen - some things never change....
Jessie's baptism with Father Lou and John & Beth Gormley, the Godparents.
Friend/Neighbor, Trish, entertaining Gracie and Emmett.

Jessie wore the baptism gown that my Mom made for Gracie's baptism.

Friends from Colorado Springs

Our good friends, John & Beth Gormley, drove up for a few days of fishing, shopping, and Jessie's baptism (they are Jessie's Godparents). It was so great to see them and our kids loved the extra attention. :)

This was the first of MANY games of Candyland - we are all ready for a break from Candyland!

One of the primary reasons for John and Beth to come a few days early was so that John and Jason could get out on the many lakes and tune up their fly fishing. They saw a lot of fish and beautiful countryside, but caught only one fish (too small to keep). I'm sure John will be anxious to try again when he comes back again.

John's first outing in a float tube.
Great Blue Heron
Over the Rainbow
(thanks for the great photo, John)
A short walk (it was in the 90's) along the River's Edge Trail.
John and Beth in front of the mighty falls of Great Falls.

A white pelican gulping a fish.

Beth, tuning up her baby skills.
Saturday, we went to the Great Falls Farmer's Market for a morning of face painting, porkies-on-a-stick, pony rides, and of course, fresh produce.

Being silly on the neighbors swing.

Jessie, not too sure about all the attention/noise in the exersaucer.

Jason in Alaska

A couple weeks ago, Jason headed up to Anchorage for a week of Air Force Natural Resource Management classes. He took full advantage of all his free time (no kids, no chores, light until midnight) to go fly fishing on the base lakes. He packed all his gear (float tube included) in a plastic tub and took it with him. His plan was to fish for all his meals, cook the fish in his room microwave, and save his per diem - it worked! He caught lots of fish and loved that he could eat it for breakfast, lunch (he made a spread with mayo and herbs to put on sandwiches), and dinner! That definitely wouldn't fly if them fam had been with him. :)

He had all his flies spread out on his hotel room bed - trying to get them organized.
Nice catch!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Busy Weekend

I'm starting to feel the crunch to get some projects done before the first snow flies - who knows when that will be around here! Jason and I washed the outside of the house and the windows - we're not quite done, but I hope to finish next weekend. Jason built a gate for our strawberry patch and got a few other projects done - we're still putting the camping gear away! There won't be much getting done this week as Jason left for Anchorage today and won't be back until late on Saturday night.
We did take a break from work on Sunday and took the kids to a Family Fun Day at the CM Russell museum - all the activities were cowboy themed (CM Russell is a famous cowboy artist). They had a great time and we look forward to taking them again next year.

The kids barrel racing on the stick horses they made.

Gracie roping a cow.

The kids tooled a leather bracelet for me - they both loved the pounding!

We FINALLY had a chance to offer Jessie a bottle with mommy's milk and she didn't even flinch-she just gulped it right down. She was even holding the bottle by herself! We are definitely going to do that again - soon! We never could get Emmett to take a bottle (so I could get away), so I'm hoping that maybe I'll be able to get out a little more (by myself!) if Jessie will keep taking a bottle.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Weber Family Campout 2009

This year the family met at Alta Lake State Park in Pateros, WA. It was about 100 degrees every day, but that didn't damper the fun! There was swimming, golfing, hiking, fishing, horse shoes, sitting around the propane fire (real fires were banned), firework displays, and of course eating and drinking! We all had a great time and hope to make the trip again next year.

We're ready to go - kids and gear were loaded by 7am! It took 11.5 hours to get there - the kids were troopers!

Swimming in the lake: Cousin Nick, Mom, Gracie, Emmett, & Cousin Suzanne

Fish Tales: Success on the river - 10 King (a.k.a. Chinook) Salmon caught by 8am (they were on the water by 4am!). Jason's brother, Jerrod, is a guide in north-central WA, and is responsible for the great catch.

Fun in the hot weather - Emmett spraying down everyone - whether they wanted it or not!

Jason's brother, Jerrod, with daughter Katlynn

Jerrod's fiancee, Mindy, and Amy

Grandma Nette enjoying Emmett's spray.

Hmmm, who's next?

Aunt Patty giving Emmett a squirt.

Grammy's next!

Cal was not this unhappy the whole time, but for some reason this is the only picture I have of Ian, Julie, and Cal together. Maybe this is what they really thought about bringing a 17-month-old camping..... :)

Emmett with Cousin Michelle

Jessie spend most of her time napping - it was too hot to do much else.

Trying out poppers

Addy and Gracie taking turns pushing each other on Cal's car.

Emmett making sure it's a fair game of horseshoes.

Hmmmm, point or no point?

Thanks for bringing the bubble machine Dan & Suzie!

Crazy hats for Michelle's bridal shower.

Making Michelle a "dress" out of TP.

The bridal party.