Thursday, June 19, 2014

Puppies and a Godmother

We "puppy-sat" for our dear neighbor Evelyn. Little "Cookie" is a chihuahua mix and absolutely adorable, so having her was a treat!

Our dear friends, John and Beth, were blessed with another beautiful baby girl in March. I was honored to be asked to be her Godmother, so a visit to Colorado Springs was in order!
Kiersten, the big sister

Isabella Mary

Friday, June 6, 2014

Spring Wrap-Up...Summer Here We Come!!

Chick-Sitting: Gracie's class hatched chicks - only 3 made it :-(  and we got to have one stay with us for the weekend - her name was Bobby

Hanging the doll clothes out to dry....
Spring Piano Recital - she did beautifully!
Visit To the Farm: Spring Fieldtrip

School Carnival

Class trip to the spray park (right behind the school)
This spring, Gracie participated in an after-school program called Girls on the Run. While the girls are training to run a 5k, they are also learning important life lessons about inner-beauty, bullying, honesty, etc. They trained for 10 weeks, then ran in a 5K race in Napa with the other GOTR groups in our area. She needed a race-buddy, so Jason was signed up! She(they) beat her practice time and completed the race in about 31 minutes! She was the 7th girl to finish out of 300! We are so proud of her and hope to encourage her to keep training and run more races!
Jason and Gracie flew to Massachusetts to visit Nana (Jason's Grandmother - she will be 91 next week!). One of the days they visited the Yankee Candle Factory - Gracie bought a few of her favorite scents. :-)

And we're happy.....!!

Gracie's 3rd Grade Teacher, Ms. Hall
Emmett's Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Throckmorton