Monday, March 4, 2013

House For Sale!

So, we've been a little slack on our Blog (nothing new there!), but we've had a lot going on over the last couple months......the week before Christmas, Jason was offered a new California!  It took several weeks to finalize the offer, then we were in full swing preparing for selling our house (finishing projects that we started in December) and getting ready for a move. Jason left for his new job on February 21st - the same day we listed our house for sale! He rented a room from a Navy retiree and is scoping out schools, churches, and houses. The kids and I have been holding down the fort in Great Falls, keeping the house as clean as we can and getting out when needed (we were our own selling agents, so I had to take all the calls and do a few showings). It took 9 days, 14 showings, and two offers to get the deal we were hoping for, now we wait for inspections and hope it all goes through. In the next few weeks we have a piano recital, Jessie's birthday (on Easter Sunday), and Gracie's First Communion - somewhere in there I am working a couple days a week and packing up the house! We hope to close the deal on April 10th, then it's off to Cali for a new house and new school. Jason's been on the job just over a week and it's all going well, so as long as government sequestering doesn't throw a wrench in the gears!
We will keep you posted on our new address and ask for your prayers to keep us going.