Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Old Wood-New Look

In June I decided I couldn't stand the light-colored carpet anymore (in our dining and living rooms), so one day when Jason came home from work this is what he found:
(Well, actually he did help me move some furniture first!)

And this is what we had underneath:

We spent the summer adapting to the much harder and noisier/squeaky floors and made sure we liked them. We knew they had been under carpet for at least 30 years and that the wood was a very thin/narrow maple that they don't make anymore, so I wasn't totally sure what they would look like, but anything was better than white carpet in the dining room!

Finally this week, the time came for them to be re-done and yay - we love them and they aren't nearly as "squeaky" now, so double yay!

Our "new" refinished floors:

Sanding (viewed through plastic)
Sealing (2 coats)
Finishing (2 coats)

Now, we add a small piece of trim to tidy up the edges and move furniture back in - hopefully we never have to move the piano or hutch again!

Friday, September 17, 2010

September SNOW?!!!

Well, I guess we do live in Montana, but snow in September is NOT acceptable! I'm still hoping for a few more days of summer! (Which we were sorely lacking this year.) The forecast for today was high of 44 and low of 35 with lots of rain. It started out as rain, but was only 33 degrees when I took Gracie to school. I think we warmed up to 36 by mid-afternoon, but only after several hours of white slushy falling from the sky. The kids were ready to pull out the snow pants and try it out - I refused! Guess the garden is done for the year....

About 11 this morning.
A little later at 2pm.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

La Vie en Rose...

Jessie loves to wear these pink swimming goggles around the house - it cracks me up!